Ask Winston Payne

I don’t usually wear my Prosecutor’s Badge when out in trivial cases, but when I do, It’s usually on the inside of my lapel here.

That’s what you people usually say on the internet… right?

Blow up my inbox.


  • Would you rather..
  • Fuck, kill or marry
  • This or that
  • Personal questions
  • Creepy anons
  • Random questions
  • Advice
  • Love
  • Anonymous secrets
  • Anything you want!

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Oh, hello Mr. Gumshoe. I’ve been swell thanks for asking. I… haven’t been working much as there aren’t many cases suited for me. 

As far as I know, I’m more in charge of cases that is fitted for an experienced prosecuter, like me. Those other cases I give to other rookies or my juniors, Edgeworth and Franziska. I mean, they are still too young and haven’t broken my perfect record yet. Haha.  


J-Janitor?! I have you know that I am a famous prosecuter here in L.A! Wince in pain as I am Winston Payne, the Rookie Killer! Not some low life janitor! Go ask anyone in the precinct or Edgeworth himself! I’m sure someone would recognize me!


Hello all, as far as anyone knows, I am Winston Payne. See as my rival, Phoenix Wright, and the rest of his lackeys are on this tumblr site, I felt lonely  as though as I am forced to join the bandwagon. So, as lonely busy as I am, I will take the time to ask any of your questions. So go ahead, ask me anything.